Vertera™ 6G Compact (UL-291) - Teller cash recycler

Vertera™ 6G Compact (CENIII)

Vertera™ 6G Compact (UL-291) - Teller cash recycler

The Vertera 6G Compact delivers a unique combination of powerful features to transform customer relationships and drive profitable branch operations. Its small footprint allows for easy installation within existing furniture and branch layouts - particularly where space is limited – reducing the need for extensive furniture redesign, modification or refurbishment.



Up to 600 notes per RSM

Roll storage system

4 or 6 RSM options

Note processing speed

Dispense: 7 notes per second

Deposit: 5 notes per second in a single pass


465mm x 818mm x 796 mm

Suitable For

  • Where existing furniture and branch layout demands a small footprint

  • Installation under shallow counters and in small spaces

  • Increasing cash security and accountability, reducing in-branch cash inventories

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Compact design and small footprint
Can be deployed in shallow counters, minimising branch redesign costs
Flexible banknote storage options with variable capacity, configuration and size
A future proof solution to protect your investment and meet changing business needs
Fast and efficient banknote authentication, identification and fitness sorting
Eliminates the need for manual banknote handling, improves teller efficiency and availability



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Purdue Federal Credit Union deploys Glory Vertera 6G as part of new branch design

Credit Union reports improved member service, heightened security and doubling of loans in some locations.

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Vertera™ 6G - Teller cash recycler

The Vertera 6G provides a simple, flexible and comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the real needs of customers and staff. It's designed to improve branch or store efficiency by automating cash count, deposit, verification, authentication and balancing functions. Cashiers can focus on customer engagement and revenue generating interactions.


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