Touchless - A safer, simplified customer experience

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Touchless - A safer, simplified customer experience

Expand your kiosk capabilities using Touchless gesture-ordering technology. With the addition of an overhead camera, you can deliver Touchless functionality on your kiosks, allowing for a contactless customer experience throughout the entire self-service journey.



Intel Real Sense d415 camera

USB A / USB 3.1 C Gen.2, 5Gb/s, 2 meters (length depends on integration needs)

Camera mount - retrofits for standard / bespoke kiosks, for double / single screen, available in black / white / grey

PC Requirements

Advantech PC Acrelec Core Skylake i7, i5 or better

One USB SS 3.0 available slot on computer

Remote internet connection or a local usb stick to install software

At least 2Gb of available storage space

Screen size from 15” to 43”. Any aspect ratio. Portrait mode, straight screen

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


  • Eliminates pathogen infection and cross contamination risk

  • A variety of implementations, from self-ordering to informational to self-service and more

  • Can be retrofit to existing kiosks helping to further digitally transform your customer journey





Enables kiosk usage without touching a screen

Provides peace of mind for customers : no need to touch the screen to complete a transaction

Less contact with screens requires fewer cleanings and reduces labour

Staff can focus on engaging customers and creating positive interactions

Same ordering time without any impact on throughput or ROI

Keeps queues moving as steadily as before while providing a new way to interact for customers


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