C24 - Flexible Self-Service Kiosk

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C24 - Flexible Self-Service Kiosk

If you’re interested in improving the customer experience while serving more customers, look no further than the C24 Flexible self-service kiosk. Made to suit all types of locations, the C24 is designed to deliver on maximum self-service capacity. Cash, card and mobile payment options mean your customers will benefit, however they choose to pay. With the Acrelec Transformation Platform software, take advantage of multi-function capabilities, allowing the kiosk to service more than one business function in the same unit.



High door landscape version - 760x690x1382mm

High door double landscape version - 760x691x1740mm

High door portrait version - 613x690x1589mm

Short door landscape version - 756x691x1333mm

Short door double landscape version - 756x691x1691mm

Short door portrait version - 613x691x1540mm

Operating environment

0°C to +40°C, 20 to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing

Power Supply

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


  • A variety of implementations, from financial services to ticketing, and more

  • Flexible configuration to best serve the content to your customers

  • For deployment as a single self-service solution, or as part of multiple units in a larger location





Use with ACRELEC Transformation Platform software

Enable remote management and easily monitor device usage

Integrated with CASHINFINITY to enable cash payments

Ensure your self-order and pay kiosks are available to all you customers however the choose to pay

Multiple screen configurations available

Customise your display to maximise impact

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