CI-Hybrid 15 Payment Station

CI-Hybrid 15

CI-Hybrid 15 Payment Station

More and more, self-payment stations are becoming a frequent fixture in many of our lives. Whether in a supermarket, airport, convenience store or food outlet; self-payment stations offer businesses a quick and easy way for their customers to pay for services and purchases in-store, helping reduce queues at the counter. By introducing technology that automates payments, significant efficiency gains can be realized. Many transactions can be moved from the counter towards the self-service environment, allowing staff to concentrate on customer service and delivering a better experience in the store. CI-Hybrid 15 from Glory provides a compact and flexible solution for installing a cash recycling device at the point-of-sale. Payment can be moved away from the main counter and frees up staff time to dedicate to more value-add activities.


  • Front-office automated note and coin handling of customer payments

  • Retail environments where a compact payment solution is required

  • Self-payment station to reduce queues





Improves hygiene
Ideal for locations that handle cash and food
Compact footprint
Can to be installed even in the smallest retail stores
Improves productivity
Quick, automated acceptance of customer payments and change provision

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