RZ-50 series - Banknote recycler

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RZ-50 series - Banknote recycler

Automating cash handling improves the customer experience by allowing your staff to spend more time interacting with your customers to improve service and sales. The compact RZ-50 securely streamlines your cashier operations with advanced cash recycling technology. Cashiers don’t need to manually count and check deposits, as banknotes stored in the Roll Storage Modules (RSM) are counted and verified within the recycler. This closed cash environment allows safer, faster and more accurate verification and storage of notes. The RZ-50 recycling system improves operational efficiency by reducing the amount of cash required on hand by tellers.



400mm × 761mm × 921mm (UL291-24H)


260kg (UL291-24H)


Deposit: 5 notes per second

Dispense: 4 notes per second


Storage Units

300 notes × 4 modules (standard)

Total approx. 1,200 notes

Collection Cassette

2,000 notes (for deposit only)

Capture Bin:

20 notes

TOTAL 3,200 notes

Suitable For

  • Front office or back office automated note handling

  • Improves hygiene in locations where cash and food are handled

  • Improved security level in store

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Removable secure collection cassette

Quick and easy collection of banknotes with no manual cash handling

Multi-currency operations using mixed denomination configuration

Flexible set up to meet your specific requirements

Removable Rolled Storage Modules

Operational downtime is reduced with easily removable RSMs