CI-50B/CI-10CX - compact back office cash recycler

CI-50B/CI-10CX back office

CI-50B/CI-10CX - compact back office cash recycler

The handling and movement of cash in any retail environment can be costly and impacts the efficiency of your staff and business operations.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need a cash management solution that is flexible and successfully addresses your unique challenges and goals. 

The CI-50B/CI-10CX cash recycler combination for the back office, part of our dynamic CASHINFINITY™ solution,  accelerates back-office cash processes in low volume cash locations. Delivering increased productivity for your staff and reducing the risk of cash shrinkage, the CI-50B/CI-10CX allows your staff to focus on higher value activities that improve the customer experience and drive growth for your business.


Number of Recycling-Modules

Banknotes: 4 different combinations, up to 6 denominations

Coins: 8 recycle modules

Total note capacity

Banknotes: 3,200* (collection cassette)

2,400* (stacking safe bag)

2,700* (free-fall safe bag)

* Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed

Total coin capacity

Dependent on recycle module configuration

CI-50B/CI-10CX for the back office is suitable for:

  • Back-office automated note and coin handling Enhances staff productivity and allows staff to focus on higher value activities

  • Optimising start/end-of-day and shift change processes Cash management processes are optimised

  • Small footprint for low volume retailers Glory offers a solution for any back-office operation





Collection cassette for secure transportation of cash
Reduces cash exposure and eliminates discrepancies
Fast and accurate banknote and coin authentication and recycling
Eliminates manual errors and significantly reduces cash processing times
Can be easily integrated with CI-SERVERX cash management software
Real-time cash inventory status and allows CIT pick up and deliveries to be reduced


CI-X series: Connecting your cash processes

Whatever the volume of cash flowing through your stores, Glory has a retail cash automation recycling solution to accelerate cash transactions and enhance customer service. Glory can help you optimise cash management at both the point-of-sale and the back-office, and can help secure the loop between the two.

CI-X Series film

CI-X Series Solutions Video

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CI-X series, Glory's latest evolution of CASHINFNITY solutions, connects your entire store network to cash management software, for maximum productivity. Combining cash handling at the point-of-sale and the back-office delivers customer convenience and improved in-store efficiency; while keeping cash transactions flowing, maintaining security and improving cash management accuracy. With a completely new line-up for the point-of-sale and back-office, CI-X series improves connections with end-users, banking partners and cash-in-transit organisations. 


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