CI-30B Banknote deposit solution for retail


CI-30B Banknote deposit solution for retail

A scalable banknote deposit automation device with advanced authentication and sorting features. CI-30B facilitates large quantities of banknotes to be deposited by Retailers, into a secure device, within their back-office environment. It can also store pre-sorted notes, thus making post-processing easier. Deposits are processed quickly and efficiently, eliminating manual cash handling procedures, reducing cash processing costs and enabling cash inventory to be reused elsewhere in the store. CI-30B provides a range of flexible storage options, with the choice of cassette-based storage or stacking safe bags, allowing it to meet varying customer needs; such as mixed banknote storage or by note classification (fit, unfit, denomination). The CI-30B offers an optional integrated ISM (Intelligent Storage Module) which also aids efficiency and helps avoid unnecessary re-counting of individual note deposits.


Storage system

Options:                                                                              Cassette x 3                                                                        Stacking safe bag x 2


2,500 notes per cassette, total capacity: 7,500 notes

Stacking safe bag

3,500 notes per bag, total capacity: 7,000 notes

Safe types

UL-291 24 hours                                                                    CEN III


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Suitable For

  • Pre-sorted fit banknotes can be reused in the store

  • Fast and accurate processing of a high volume of banknotes in the back office

  • ISM is required to count and verify deposits before completing the transaction


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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Fast and reliable processing
Shortens transaction processing times
Stores pre-sorted banknotes
Reduces recounting workload and improves cash handling operations
7-inch colour touch panel
Easy to use with intuitive guidance, minimal training required.