CI-100X - large capacity back-office cash recycler


CI-100X - large capacity back-office cash recycler

As part of the CASHINFINITY™ solution, the CI-100X is a high-speed, large-capacity cash recycler that meets the demands of retail and gaming organisations.

CI-100X accelerates back-office processes in high-volume cash locations. Delivering increased productivity and security for your staff and reducing the risk of cash shrinkage, the CI-100X enables a multitude of flexible operational processes to be implemented, allowing staff to focus on other activities that improve customer experience and drive growth for your business.

As an option, CI-100X can accept collection cassettes from CI-10X, so there is no need for cashiers and staff to manually collect notes and coins, when moving cash from the front to back-office.

CI-100X also enables stores to reduce CIT pick-ups and replenishment of change funds. A flexible and scalable solution, CI-100X can be customised to meet varying store processes and operations.

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Note recycle module

4 recycle modules

Optional modules: up to 8 recycle modules

Banknote collection capacity

3,200-2,500 notes* (stacking safe bag type)

3,100 notes* (free stacking safe bag type)

3,200-2,400 notes* (collection cassette type)

*Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed.

Coin recycle modules

8 recycle stackers


  • Back-office automated note and coin handling. For managing takings and change funds for from and to point-of-sale positions.

  • Secure closed cash management between the front and back office. No manual intervention is required, ensures the integrity of cash management and movements

  • Automated banknote verification No need to re-check note inventory and allows staff to focus on the customer service





Multiple storage methods
Various safe types and collection methods provide customer choice
Superior-level recognition technology
Fast and accurate banknote and coin processing
Closed-loop management with Glory's point-of-sale solution
Stringent and accurate inventory management via banknote serial number recognition
CI-X Series film

CI-X Series Solutions Video

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CI-X series, Glory's latest evolution of CASHINFNITY solutions, connects your entire store network to cash management software, for maximum productivity. Combining cash handling at the point-of-sale and the back-office delivers customer convenience and improved in-store efficiency; while keeping cash transactions flowing, maintaining security and improving cash management accuracy. With a completely new line-up for the point-of-sale and back-office, CI-X series improves connections with end-users, banking partners and cash-in-transit organisations.


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