SDD - Single denomination dispenser


SDD - Single denomination dispenser

The Single Denomination Dispenser SDD combines high performance, compact size and low cost of ownership; making it the ideal choice for your self-service automation solutions. Available in four variants including front or rear service and standard and short builds, you can select the option that best suits your requirements.



1,700: 223 x 339 x 427 mm

1,701: 223 x 339 x 274 mm

1,702: 278 x 339 x 427 mm

1,703: 278 x 339 x 274 mm

Height of note outlet:

1,700/01: 187 mm

1,702/03: 242 mm

Speed range

5 notes per second


Standard options: 260 mm or 1650 - 2150 banknotes

Short options: 117 mm or 700 - 900 banknotes

Maximum transaction size

50 ATM fit notes

features and benefits

features and benefits



No planned maintenance necessary
Your machine will deliver consistent reliability and availability for longer
Tamper indicating feed cassettes including an integral reject note compartment
Secures and protects cash 24/7
Intelligent Double Detection IDD™
Offers unbeatable accuracy and consistent detection of doubles even with severely degraded notes. No mechanical adjustments or intervention necessary.