MultiMech™ - Multi denomination dispenser


MultiMech™ - Multi denomination dispenser

Designed for the highest levels of reliability and availability while maintaining a low total cost of ownership, the MultiMech™ confidently manages and dispenses worldwide currencies wherever your customers deploy this compact, two denomination, dispensing mechanism. The MultiMech™ is highly versatile, allowing for integration into almost any dispensing application.



Upper: 134mm or 1,200 banknotes

Lower: 202mm or 1,800 banknotes

Reject vault: 20 banknotes


318mm × 259mm × 320mm

Maximum transaction size

50 ATM fit notes

Speed range

5 notes per second

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Open cassette design and low maintenance requirements
Fast cash replenishment and simpler to maintain for deployer
Compact, versatile footprint
Enables your customers to easily integrate this note dispensing mechanism to their network
Intelligent Double Detection
Trusted detection of doubles to safeguard against cash shrinkage

Multimech product video

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Due to key locked cassettes, the MultiMech™ Secure - multi denomination dispenser, offers security and protection during replenishment. Whilst confidently managing and dispensing worldwide currencies wherever your customers deploy your solutions.