MultiMech™ Secure -Multi denomination dispenser


MultiMech™ Secure -Multi denomination dispenser

Offering unrivalled security and protection of cash during replenishment due to key locked cassettes, the MultiMech™ Secure ensures your customers can rely on you to provide secure solutions regardless of location. Delivering the highest levels of uptime and reliability, the MultiMech™ Secure confidently manages and dispenses worldwide currencies wherever your customers deploy your solutions.



Upper: 150mm or 1,300 banknotes

Lower: 192mm or 1,700 banknotes

Reject vault: 50 banknotes


318mm × 259mm × 320mm

Maximum transaction size

50 ATM fit notes

delivered note by note (spray dispense)

Speed range

5 notes per second


  • Ultra-compact two denomination cash dispenser

  • Fully secure cash management with robust cassette design offering easy cash replenishment

  • Accurate, reliable and low maintenance

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Secure cassettes can only be opened with supplied key
Units can be securely installed in un-manned and remote locations
Minimal jamming and low maintenance requirements
Faster, more efficient operation and low cost of ownership
Compact, versatile footprint
Enables your customers to easily integrate this note dispensing mechanism to their network

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Due to key locked cassettes, the MultiMech™ Secure - multi denomination dispenser, offers security and protection during replenishment. Whilst confidently managing and dispensing worldwide currencies wherever your customers deploy your solutions.


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