MMR050 - Note and Media Dispenser


MMR050 - Note and Media Dispenser

The Glory MMR050 is a robust dispenser, developed to meet the increasing demands of our customers across multiple segments and operating in harsh environments. Offering low maintenance, quick service and extremely low cost of ownership, the MMR050 is a high performance friction feed multi-denomination mechanism, for front delivery of paper and polymer banknotes. The MMR050 features optional banknote serial recognition, Intelligent Double Detection IDD™ and easily integrates with NMD050 applications making it the ideal choice for Financial, Retail, Cash in Transit, Gaming and Kiosk sectors.



 222 × 322 × 491mm (1 cassette)                                           334 × 287 × 485mm (2 cassettes)

586 × 287 × 485mm (4 cassettes)

Speed range

5 banknotes/sec


1,2 or 4 cassettes

3,000 banknotes*/cassette (*0.11mm new notes)

(2,000 banknotes* of first cassette with reject vault)

Reject vault of 50 banknotes

Maximum transaction size

50 ATM fit banknotes

Suitable For

  • Cost effective, multi-denomination self-service dispensing applications

  • Front delivery dispensing of paper or polymer banknotes

  • Ideal choice for Financial, Retail, Cash in Transit, Gaming and Kiosk sectors.


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Up to eight flexible, tamperproof cassettes
High capacity cassettes can be individually replenished for a highly secure cash environment
Front or rear access bundle delivery
Flexible integration options minimises servicing costs and increases availability.
High Performance Feed delivers consistent and durable note feeding and handling
Fast transactions for consumers and simple to maintain for deployers

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A robust multi-denomination note dispenser developed for our OEM customers who encounter increasingly harsh environments in the Financial, Retail, Gaming and Kiosk sectors. Offering; low maintenance, quick service, extremely low cost of ownership and incorporating secure, high capacity cassettes, the MMR050 is the ideal choice for any application where up-time is key.