USF-50 -Banknote sorter


USF-50 -Banknote sorter

The USF-50 banknote sorter combines speed and accuracy to transform the efficiency of your back office cash processing operations. High-performance sensors for fitness sorting, class-leading counterfeit detection and speeds up to 720 notes per minute will dramatically increase the productivity of your staff.



Hopper = 300 notes

Stacker = 200 notes

Reject = 100 notes

Count Speed

650-720 notes per minute


300mm x 360mm x 360mm

Sorting Functions

Fitness, face/orientation, denomination, new/old issue, batching and serial number capture

Suitable For

  • In-branch classification of banknotes fit for recirculation

  • Replacement of manual cash handling procedures or piece counters

  • Where back office or teller space is limited


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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Equipped with advanced bill validator

Delivers reliable processing, authentication and better fitness repeatability

Full width high resolution banknote sensors to scan both sides of the banknote

Industry leading serial number recognition delivers advanced cash handling processes

High speed banknote processing, even when simultaneously checking serial numbers and fitness

Reduction in cash processing times enables tellers to spend more time with customers