USF-100 - Banknote sorter


USF-100 - Banknote sorter

Suitable for multiple applications and environments, the USF-100 transforms your cash management operations with enhanced fitness sorting productivity and in-branch banknote recycling, even in locations where space is at a premium. A mid-sized desktop banknote sorter that delivering fast, efficient and continuous processing of medium volumes of banknotes.



500mm x 430 mm x 450mm

Count Speed

650 notes per minute


Hopper = 500 notes x 2 stackers = 200 notes each

Sorting Capability

Fitness, face/orientation, denomination, new/old issue, batching and serial number capture

Suitable For

  • In-branch banknote sorting and recycling, to reduce inventory and CIT costs

  • Where large banknote deposits are made and need to be processed quickly

  • Smaller environments not suitable for large banknote sorters

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Large capacity hopper with an assisted feeding mechanism

Lower incidence of banknote feed issues due to poor quality notes, great efficiency

2-teller operation

More efficient utlisation of equipmeny by sharing between teller positions

Equipped with two stackers and one reject stacker

Accurately and quickly sorts mixed banknotes by fitness, new/old style, denomination, and orientation

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