GFS-100 Series - Banknote counter


GFS-100 Series - Banknote counter

Glory’s GFS-100 Series banknote counters help you drive down operational processing times with superior levels of authentication. Scanning banknotes at the highest possible resolution levels, the GFS-100 gives your bank tellers the best front line defence against forgery and counterfeits. The GFS-100 offers reliable and durable performance minimising downtime so you can keep serving your customers consistently.



Hopper: 300 notes Stacker: 200 Reject: 20

Count Speed

650–900 notes/min


300mm × 330mm × 325mm



Suitable For

  • Bank teller counter applications, with a high level of banknote authentication

  • Dust protection when processing older notes with the automatic shutter

  • Helps improve the productivity of tellers


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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Noise and dust proof shutter

Safe and comfortable operation for the your tellers

Dual operator mode

Enables enhanced productivity as the device can be shared between two tellers

Easy access to note transport path

Ensures quick and easy maintenance and simple recovery of jams, with minimal downtime

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Counter increases teller productivity

Garanti Bank case study Garanti Bank replaced all their 3,500 value counters across their 998 branches with Glory’s GFS-100 series, to achieve stable and more accurate cash handling, releasing tellers from interruptions which kept them from their transactions and conversations with customers. Glory provided faster, safer processing with continuous trouble-free operation.

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The GFS-100 series from Glory is a truly unique banknote counting and scanning solution, offering a level of authentication that is best-in-class for bank teller counter applications. In addition, by scanning banknotes at the highest possible resolution levels, the GFS-100 series provides one of the best front line forgery protection solutions on the market.