WR-90/500 - coin wrapper


WR-90/500 - coin wrapper

The high-speed WR-500 wraps large volumes of coins and the standard speed WR-90 is suitable for any size of operation. Robust and reliable, the WR-90/500 coin wrappers deliver you smooth and exceptional performance day-in and day-out, increasing efficiency and accuracy to speed up wrapping while minimising errors.


Hopper Capacity

WR-500: 18,000 coins (€0.01)

WR-90: 9,000 coins (€0.01)

Count Speed

WR-500: 3,000 coins per minute

WR-90: 2,000 coins per minute

Wrap Speed

WR-500: 40 rolls per minute

WR-90: 25 rolls per minute


WR-500: 450 x 633 x 1,100mm

WR-90: 450 x 633 x 1,030mm

Suitable For

  • Ideal for high-volume, heavy duty coin wrapping applications

  • Continuous use in environments such as CIT, armoured carrier companies and mints

  • Where simultaneous coin authentication is required


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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits



Smooth performance, and continuous operation
Improves coin processing efficiency and throughput
Coin recognition and authentication technology
Ensure only designated coins are wrapped
Large, bright and easy to read LCD control panel
Supports the operator with clear instructions and guiding graphics



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