CS-3320-3321 Coin sorter


CS-3320-3321 Coin sorter

The CS-3320/3321 coin counting and sorting solutions accelerate coin processing increasing accuracy and efficiency. Specifically designed to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses where coins are handled, the CS-3320 and 3321 significantly reduce the time required by your staff to count and sort coin.



662 x 305 x 470mm




600 coins per minute

Sorting Capability

Up to 9 different denominations plus reject

Suitable For

  • Replacement of manual coin processing procedures

  • Applications where coin authentication or intrusive coin removal is required

  • Medium volume applications where up to 9 denominations need to be processed

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



RCDS coin authentication technology

Assists in the rejection of intrusive or counterfeit suspect coins

Equipped with connection for printer

Provides additional processing flexibility and output of data for business intelligence

CS-3321 is equipped with an escrow facility

Helps the cashier verify the total of a transaction before depositing it in the device