CC-1302 - Coin counter

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CC-1302 - Coin counter

The CC-1302 mixed coin counter reliably speeds up your coin processing capabilities to the highest standard of accuracy and efficiency. Perfect for banks and other cash handling organisations, such as vending, transportation and amusement arcades, the CC-1302 significantly reduces the time required by your staff to verify coin.



422 x 302 x 361mm




600 coins per minute

Sorting Capability

Up to 9 different denominations plus reject

Suitable For

  • Replacement of manual coin processing procedures 

  • Applications where coin authentication or rejection of intrusive coins is required

  • To quickly verify pre-sorted coin or count mixed coin

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



RCDS coin authentication technology
Assists in the rejection of intrusive or counterfeit suspect coins
Equipped with connection for a printer 
Provides additional processing flexibility and output of data for business intelligence
Processes mixed coin at 600 coins per minute
Offers a reliable and fast alternative to manual processing

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