CASHINFINITY™: 1,000th cash recycling system in use at dm

7 September 2021


Basingstoke, UK, 07 September 2021– Whilst seeking a cash management solution for the back office, Europe’s largest drugstore chain opted for GLORY’s CI-100. In order to be able to carry out transactions, configurations and settings online, the cash management system has been installed in the cash office of numerous dm stores. The drugstore chain now operates 1,000 GLORY solutions.

The CI-100 from GLORY’s CASHINFINITYTM series facilitates automated cash processing, speeding up cash handling processes in the back office: Cash register handovers at shift changes are simple and secure, and the checkout cashes up at the end of the day at the push of a button. This also minimises the risk of cash loss. The solution’s online integration is facilitated by a CETIS server from S&N Invent. It informs the store manager in real time about the device status and issues needs analyses. The cash in the dm stores is clearly documented and cash transportation is planned accordingly. The system also ensures active communication between GLORY and the dm back office. Updates are carried out centrally without interfering with the day-to-day business of the branches. The CASHINFINITY solution thus optimises the security of cash processing in drug stores, is easy to use and increases the productivity of staff through a significant relief of the burden of day-to-day business.

"Our aim is to provide retailers with an efficient and stable cash management solution and to support them with a high-quality service both during installation and during ongoing operations. The 1,000th installation of our CI-100 system at Europe’s largest drugstore chain proves that we have succeeded. With dm, we have a strong partner at our side and we look forward to continuing our cooperation." – Thomas Rausch, Sales Director at GLORY Germany.


CASHINFINITY is the GLORY solution for the completely closed retail cash chain. It provides centralised control of the cash inventory and optimisation of cash processes and can be used in retail stores of any size, in various retail segments and for any investment volume.


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