EDEKA Aschoff selects GLORY cash handling solution

5 December 2017

Neu-Isenburg, Germany


Automated cash management ensures greater efficiency and security

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 05 December 2017 – EDEKA Aschoff in Kassel, Germany, is deploying GLORY’s CI-10 cash recyclers at its cashier operated and self-service checkouts.

The large supermarket believes that by partnering with Glory it will enhance security and improve efficiency in its cash handling operations. The new solution will protect EDEKA Aschoff’s cash stocks against unauthorised access, while improving employee productivity and enhancing the customer shopping experience. With more than 8,000 installations across Germany, large numbers of retailers across all segments  as well as  financial institutions already rely on Glory’s CASHINFINITY™ solution.

Cash remains a popular payment method in Germany, particularly for small transactions in supermarkets. According to the recent "Card-based Payment Systems in Retail” report from the EHI Retail Institute in Cologne, almost 80% of all retail transactions in Germany are completed using cash. The processing of cash payments and the storage of coins and notes is an ongoing operational challenge.

EDEKA Aschoff has decided to install the CI-10 cash recycler at its seven cashier-operated checkouts, as well as at four self-service checkouts, which are provided by the Toshiba partner ITAB. Initially, it was only possible to pay with cash at two of the four self-service checkouts. However, in the wake of increasing customer demand for cash payment, the self-service checkouts that had previously only accepted card payments were also fitted with additional cash recycling systems within a matter of weeks. Two thirds of purchases in the store are now paid for with cash. Using the new technology, the retailer has completely automated its cash management at the point of sale.

The CI-10 integrates seamlessly into the point of sale, regardless of design. It is lightweight, offers disabled access and is easy to use.  During the payment process, customers simply deposit their coins and banknotes into the CI-10 device.  They then receive the correct change in the largest possible denominations. The solution uses the latest scanning technology to check the authenticity of cash paid in.   Notes and coins are securely stored in the interface cassette for further processing in the back office.

For Robert Aschoff, Managing Director and sole shareholder of EDEKA Aschoff LMVH, the security aspect was important in their choice of Glory’s solution.  He explained "Our focus is on our employees. It is important to give them a feeling of safety, especially due to our long opening hours. With the Glory CI-10 solution cash stocks are stored securely and protected against unauthorised access. At the same time, they eliminate errors when counting out change, and differences in reconciliation. This takes the strain of checkout responsibility away from personnel, and enables them to go home straight after the shop closes."

From a customer perspective, the fact that the payment process is generally faster using the CI-10 than on traditional checkouts means that queuing times are shorter – particularly at peak periods – and customer satisfaction is increased. Thanks to the additional installation of self-service checkouts, customers can also scan and pay for their shopping themselves.

Thomas Rausch, Sales Director Retail for Germany at Glory, sees advanced solutions for automated cash processes as a competitive advantage for retail: "The drive for operational efficiency is a never-ending task but there is a limit to what can be achieved through working faster and harder. To make a step change in performance, retailers now need to work smarter across the entire value chain. This includes cash processing. Automated cash management enables significant cost savings and efficiency increases. Taking the strain off employees means more time can be invested in customer service. The real capital for retail is ultimately satisfied customers."

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