Hospitality Expo 2020

RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin

25 February 2020 -

Stand B64



Hospitality Expo is a key event for the hospitality industry.

We will be exhibiting a range of products across this two day event. Our CASHINFINITY™ range, includes:

  • CI-10 - A compact cash recycling system, that removes the need for staff to handle cash at the point of sale, and when integrated into your existing POS system the CI-10 securely automates cash handling at payment positions.
  • CI-5 - Our small cash recycling system, regardless of the size of your business, allows you flexibility and successfully addresses your unique challenges and goals for cash management solutions.
  • CI-100 – Our back office cash recycling system which automates your start and end of day cash processes; reducing the risk of shrinkage and enhancing productivity of your staff. 

We have deployed cash management solutions across the globe in shops, kiosks, hotels, and restaurants. Our solutions can help you with:

  • Enhancing security with minimal cash handling
  • Increasing efficiencies of cash processes
  • Allowing your staff to spend more time on customer services

Visit us on Stand B64 to see our retail products in action, and get more insight into how they can benefit your business.



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