IHF Showtel 2019

Gleneagle Hotel, Ireland

4 March 2019 -

Killarney, Co. Kerry



This year, we will demo our CASHINFINITY™ CI-100 - Cash recycling system at the IHF Showtel, in Killarney Ireland. We have deployed cash management solutions across the globe, and have a footfall in some of the largest hotels in the UK. 

Cash has more value when it’s moving, see how our solutions help:

  • Accelerate redeployment of cash
  • Increase efficiencies of cash processes
  • Allows your staff to spend more time on customer services

We will be demonstrating our CASHINFINITY™ cash handling solution for the back office, as well as showing how it can be integrated in to your point of sale to give you full closed loop cash management.


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