In a world of ever-increasing online competition, it’s the experience you deliver in-store that sets you apart. When your customers choose to visit your physical stores it’s your opportunity to not just meet, but exceed their expectations. Expectations around product range, well informed available staff and payment choice.

Many of your customers choose to pay in cash and for some it may be their only choice. Building on more than a decade of market leadership combined with input from retail customers around the world, the CI-X series delivers the latest technology to automate all your cash processes. The CI-10X point-of-sale solution combined with Glory's back-office devices, all managed by the CI-SERVERX software platform, will reduce cash security risks, eliminate the need for staff to handle cash and release their time to focus on your customers. 

CI-X series also enables retailers expand their business and offer additional services to their customers, such as cash deposit and withdrawal services, as well as managing foreign currencies. Helping retailers make better connections with their CIT and banking partners, through innovative new technology, CI-X series links all cash handling activities in the store and beyond, to improve efficiency and reduce cost to your business.

Whatever the volume of cash moving through your stores, Glory has an automation solution that will reduce your costs and relive the pressure on your staff.

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CI-X series: Connecting your cash processes

Whatever the volume of cash flowing through your stores, Glory has a retail cash automation recycling solution to accelerate cash transactions and enhance customer service. Glory can help you optimise cash management at both the point-of-sale and the back-office, and can help secure the loop between the two.


  • Full closed loop cash management Reduces cash risks, accelerates float preparation and end-of-day reconciliation.

  • World-class recognition and authentication technologies Handles more currencies, offering a truly global solution.

  • Meets multiple retail business requirements With an expanded line-up, there's a CI-X solution for any retail organisation.

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