The handling and movement of cash in any retail environment can be costly and impacts the efficiency of your staff and business operations. Regardless of the size of your business, you need a cash management solution that is flexible and successfully addresses your unique challenges and goals.

The CI-5 compact cash recycling system from Glory, part of our dynamic CASHINFINITY™ solution, removes the need for staff to handle cash at the point of sale. When integrated into your existing POS system, the CI-5 securely automates cash handling at payment positions, minimising the risk of errors and shrinkage; while enhancing staff productivity and customer service. Specifically designed for smaller retail environments, the CI-5 is stylishly designed for easy integration into various store formats, as well as self-checkouts.

CI-5 automates virtually every part of point-of-sale cash handling processes in the store. From counting cash tendered by customers, to validating the coins and notes, dispensing the right change, moving cash in store and preparing cash ready for transfer to the bank.

CI-5 is a highly secure device and allows you to potentially offer self-service options anywhere that you need to receive cash and provide change. Security is greatly enhanced because there is no need to touch or manually count cash at any point from when it is tendered by the customer. CI-5 will also ensure any suspect banknotes are recognised and rejected.

When people come to your store, they come for the shopping and social experience, hands-on viewing and testing of a product, face-to-face advice, reassurance and guidance. CI-5 helps cashiers focus on their customers rather than cash handling.

By freeing staff from the burden and responsibility of handling cash transactions, their time can be dedicated to more useful value-add activities in the store. With cash handling automation, CI-5 enables staff to deliver a superior service to customers, free to make a real positive difference and in-turn better job satisfaction and less stress.


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