When it's important, you need a specialist

21 September 2016

United Kingdom

Paul Race



There are times when you need to use a specialist.With health issues a GP can diagnose ailments but if more sophisticated treatment is required they will normally refer you to someone specialising in that particular area.These days there are even rankings that provide you with more detailed information before you make your choice of specialist.

On a more prosaic level, when your car needs servicing it usually makes sense to use a specialist dealer that has experience of fine-tuning and repairing your brand of vehicle.The bottom line is you want an expert with years of experience and proven skills, someone who has seen it all before.

Generally speaking, ‘use a specialist’ is a fairly good rule of thumb in life.  A few years ago I made the mistake of employing a ‘jack of all trades’ builder to repair our chimney rather than wait for the local specialist to become available.  Our neighbours waited.To cut a long story short, their chimney still looks the same as it did when first repaired.Ours? Well let’s just say it’s in need of further attention.

Luckily we work in an industry where there are no such problems and the standard of machinery deployed is very high, but there can still be benefits in employing a specialist with years of experience.The one thing I can say with certainty is that ‘Glory knows cash’.It’s not part of our portfolio, it’s what we do!

We have a hundred years of experience and have more live cash solutions around the world than anyone else.If you look at the area of branch automation, Glory is the only company in the market that can automate cash processes across the entire branch – in the back office with counters and sorters, in the middle office with TCRs and now in the front office with our latest assisted service solution, TellerInfinity.

Don’t just take my word for it.Glory was the highest ranked company focused on cash in the recently published Fintech Top 100 list and independent research from RBR confirmed that customers have rewarded us with a 59 percent share of all teller automation units deployed globally.

If you’re in the financial, retail or gaming sectors and you have an issue regarding the processing of cash then there’s one place to come for specialist advice.

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