What do you do at work Daddy?

28 April 2017

United Kingdom

Paul Race


It’s exam time again

I have a young family between the ages of 2 and 7. I travel away from home quite a bit and am often asked when I get home, “what do you do at work daddy?” While my children understand the important work carried out by Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam or indeed the Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine, there is no equivalent marketing character to hold up as an example and ‘something in Basingstoke’ doesn’t really work as a catch-all conversation stopper.

My first thoughts were it’s not easy to explain my role or indeed that of the company I work for. I tried “storyteller” but that just led to more questions – stories about what? Do I explain the wide range of products we make, how they work and where they are used? Or is it more relevant to explain what those products enable others to do?

Explaining the marketing side is simple in that I help people sell things but the more interesting part is how the products we sell help businesses do things better and for a long time. They shape (or transform) the way people do business. They change the way bank branches and shops operate - people don’t have to queue and staff have more time to talk to you. And of course, thieves can’t get at the cash (that’s Burglar Bill to you parents) because the counting etc. is done by machines and the money is stored inside a safe.

Of course there are the follow up questions – ‘is it always the same machine? Thomas the Tank Engine readers will recognise the importance of this distinction, whether it’s the size or look of the machine. The answer is no, the technology or machine is chosen to fit the customer’s needs. The same applies to ‘what will the staff do if they don’t count the money?’ Their work becomes more interesting and rewarding, they can spend more time talking to the people who come into the bank or shop, helping them with what they need.

When it comes to explaining, what Glory does to adults, of course, the issues of efficiency, security and future-proof technology are equally important, as is Glory’s global experience, operating in over 100 countries across all the industries for whom cash is important. It’s about flexibility, performance and the on-going security our solutions deliver and it’s about our knowledge, our enthusiasm for all things cash and our focus on solving our customers’ problems.

Whether it’s banking, retail, cash in transit or gaming, Glory provides solutions that ensure the protection of our customers’ cash and the performance of their people. We release them from the burden of manual cash processing so they can focus on their customers and their strategic goals. In this way, we secure the future of their business.

That may be hard to explain to a child and some of the words may be a bit difficult for them to understand but I hope they’ll understand why I go to work every day and why I love my job.

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