NRF Musings from Glory Global Solutions

23 January 2016

United Kingdom

Jackie Kuehl

Glory Global

NRF Musings

With another exciting National Retail Federation conference behind us, Glory couldn’t be more pleased with the activity and interest we experienced in our booth. As for the show in general, a major theme focused on the quest to engage consumers with an omnichannel experience. The exhibit floor showcased its share of technologies in digital, mobile, new payment, augmented reality, and omnichannel support.
Looking at the solutions on display, it’s obvious where retailers are looking to spend: Supply chain management, in-store experience, omnichannel enablement, front-end solutions, and always data and analytics. That said, the solutions that are just beginning to pop and gather momentum are those provided by Glory in cash technology.
Walking the around the conference, I began to wonder how a retailer prioritizes making capital investments in all the areas above. Retailers can invest in revenue generating technology or in solutions to drive cost out of the system. Each has its merits and significance. With all the “buzz” around onmichannel and mobile, it’s easy to see how those generate attention. However, I would provide a caveat to retailers not to chase the “shiny penny”. It’s great to be an innovator in the retail space, but innovation should be considered in a fashion that adds value to the customer experience or the brand.
This leads me to the cash technology solutions which Glory provides, solutions that may not get sufficient attention. Perhaps not flashy, but solutions that provide significant efficiencies in cash movement with incredible ROI. This ‘little retail secret’ is starting to get out as witnessed by more companies on the show floor at NRF this year. I know this from comments in the booth including: “Why wouldn’t a retailer want this?”, “Best decision we ever made”, and “Glory was the best ‘find’ at NRF this year”

It’s exciting to be with a company at the forefront of a solution that delivers a proven ROI -- even though it isn’t a fancy new thing. And it’s fun to hear such positive customer feedback. We’ll take being the company that supports retailers in ways they never imagined. That to us is the ‘shiny new thing’.

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