Re-birth of single function

23 March 2020

Zara Thomas



This year was a poignant year for myself, I took on a new role in the company and came to realise that I was entering the last year of my twenties. I am sure those of you reading this that have already made this change are either smiling to yourself with the memories and understanding of making such a transition or in disbelief that a Millennial is in fact getting older. With both age and new roles, come the traits of entering the unknown, added responsibility and adapting to change. In many ways the same can be said for where we are today in the cash management sector. In the day to day, implementing and managing innovative ways in how we can streamline cash processes and in parallel planning for the unknown and reducing the threat of a ‘global cashless market.’

April of last year, I left the comfort zone of my Key Accounts in Western Europe and entered the unknown of new business across EMEA. Fortunately, as a child my parents invested in my brother and I to travel the world from a young age and learn languages, so culturally I was prepared from a what to expect point of view. From a market perspective I carried out thorough pre-meeting plans and researched the market extensively. As we read and hear throughout the industry, we want to reduce the costs of staff manually dealing with cash, and provide secure, multifunctional solutions.

Responding to a customer in our meeting, I was staggered when stopped mid-meeting and asked ‘Do you have anything simple? I just want a dispenser.’ Listening and adapting is key. From many of my customer meetings across the region it became very apparent that with the big players heavily investing in recycling there are few cash dispensing products still available to the market. The predicted requirement for recycling is clear, but cash withdrawal remains dictated by the customer. As a result, in cash heavy markets the industry is polarised with single versus multi-function machines and this is something we should prepare for. Without a doubt, in my meeting I was delighted to provide my customer with Glory OEM’s extensive dispenser portfolio AND inform them about our Multimech Retail (MMR050 - Note Dispenser) which launched this year.




With returning trends, combining the old with the new, single function machines enable customers to get cash quickly and in an easy manner. Migration is simple with a quick ROI. They are quick to deploy and ultimately deliver value. Speak to Glory about how our dispensers provide the right solution for you and your customers.

As the Backstreet boys would say ‘Dispensers are back alright!

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