Realise Immediate Results in Labour Efficiency Through Cash Automation

16 May 2017



Cash has always been a primary payment instrument for retailers in the gaming industry and it will continue to be for years to come. Managing this cash is costly to process and to secure. It can require expensive armored services to move it from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ as well as significant staff resources. Indeed, staff can spend hours counting and balancing cash drawers throughout the day, or reconciling books at the end of a shift. It is therefore no surprise that gaming enterprises are looking to automate these processes with cash handling solutions from companies like Glory Global Solutions.

Casinos are typically using new cash automation solutions in the cage to correct three main problems: a rise in labor costs, a sluggish cash flow, and the time it takes employees to check wallets. Many come to the realization that deploying a cash recycler solves these ongoing problems. The cash recycler automates transactions, stores and dispenses money and is an essential element to free staff from securing, counting and authenticating cash.

The Case for Cash Automation

As a first time user of cash recycling, the controller at a national casino determined that nearly 15-20 hours a day were spent making wallets or processing returned wallets. With these numbers as a backdrop, he knew considering a Glory solution could help his casino significantly.

Glory Global Solutions recommended a CI-300 cash recycling system, to test at several locations; the results from this implementation have been immediate and striking. “By my estimates, we spend on average one hour per day on the recycler, versus fifteen to twenty if we weren’t using a recycler,” said the controller. “Everyone loves it. It makes their jobs easier and quicker. It’s been a very popular system and is working very well.” Other benefits of the machines were the ability for employees to acquire more coin, break bills, fewer opportunities for error and with estimated labor and efficiency savings, the investment paid for itself in a little over one year.

Through the implementation of cash management solutions tailored specifically for the gaming sector, Glory enables customers to efficiently manage cash while increasing staff productivity and improving overall business performance.

With Glory technology automating the start of day and end of day cash set-up and balancing routines, reducing repetitive journeys to the bank branch and refocusing staff activities, a new and significantly more dynamic operating model is created. It’s no wonder we often hear from gaming customers that their employees love Glory Solutions as it makes their job easier and faster.

At Glory, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We bring real innovation to our customers through technology, process and our people. Through our innovation, we fundamentally change the way cash moves across operations, how teams work, how customers are engaged and the ways in which businesses connect their cash management systems and processes.

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