Big expectations for The Big Show – Siôn Roberts

13 January 2017

United Kingdom

Sion Roberts

Glory Global

Big Expectations for The Big Show

Mid-January has come around once more, and I find myself looking forward to one of the highlights of my year.  No, it’s not my birthday – although that’s also in the middle of this month – it’s the National Retail Federation BIG Show, aka “NRF” in New York.

I’ve been involved in Retail Technology for a quarter of a century and NRF has become a regular event on my calendar, as I know it has for many in this industry.  As the last Christmas chocolate box is emptied and the “Happy New Year” greetings fade away, I can look forward to this three day professional explosion of new insight, new conversations and new solutions in zero degree NYC.  A kick start to the year in so many ways.

What strikes me about the 2017 incarnation is the growing International Coverage.  The “N” in “NRF” has to be ripe for challenge one day soon as this is far from being just an American show.  NRF’s website tells us that 94 countries will be represented this year and that reflects the global, knowledge-hungry, advantage-searching, edge-seeking nature of the players in this dynamic and competitive retail industry.  Retailers really do come from far and wide to see and hear what’s going on in their industry around the world.  While I might quibble with the ‘N’ I think their claim of NRF being “Retail’s BIG Show” is safe enough.

Glory Ltd will be there of course, and we’ll be demonstrating our innovative and practical solutions that respond to some of the key retail service and efficiency challenges today.  We’ll be doing our bit on Booth #3863 (Level 3, in case you get lost), bringing insight and knowledge from around the world into how Cash Automation Solutions can offer retailers some quick wins and deliver competitive advantage.

This year our story has evolved yet again, reflecting the changing needs of retailers in cash automation and payment systems more generally.  We’ll be showing complete end-to-end solutions that allow stores to accept cash (that ever most popular of payment mechanisms) without ever touching it, from the customer’s purse to the bank.  There’ll be solutions that can provide retailers with same-day credit; that can significantly reduce cash shrinkage as well as the costs of cash handling as well as enabling the transformation of administrative cashiers into valuable customer service associates.  We’ll also be explaining how our solutions require almost-zero integration with your existing systems, enabling rapid time-to-impact.

At this year’s show we’ll take the opportunity to demonstrate the many ways in which retailers, both nationally in the US as well as internationally, have been seeing the benefits of cash automation in their stores and of course we’ll have our own announcements of new solutions that Glory will be introducing in 2017.

The theme of the NRF Conference this year is Customer Experience, with an emphasis on In-Store Experience.  Associated with this is the recognition that retailers need to do more to make their customer-facing staff more valuable, that the physical store and the associates who serve there remain an important part of any omnichannel strategy.

We couldn’t be more on theme!  I’m delighted and excited that what we do at Glory with our CASHINFINITYTM retail cash automation solutions is a rock-solid response to those industry challenges, and look forward to talking with visitors who come and see us this year.

Safe travels to New York if you’re coming, and please drop by at Booth #3863 to discuss how Glory can help enable your continued success!

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