A lesson for us all?

21 December 2016

United Kingdom

Paul Race



We’d just spent a long day planning for the RBR Branch Transformation event, Christmas was around the corner, and the TV companies had already begun to show films with a festive theme.  I pulled up a chair, relaxed and started watching George C Scott take on the role of Ebenezer Scrooge.  Except that’s how it began.  As I sat there I started pondering what Dickens would have written had he been around today. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is about learning lessons from the past and using the knowledge to improve things in the future.  The other thing that struck me about Scrooge was that he wasn’t too keen on spending money ‘Darkness was cheap and Scrooge liked it’ as Mr Dickens explained.

So what if Scrooge owned a bank in the 21st century and was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past?  The ghost might relate how the old bank branches didn’t offer the services customers wanted, making them queue during their lunch hours before talking to someone through a Perspex screen. This might be followed by a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Present, who would explain how as branch visits declined Scrooge had closed the branches for cost reasons and had made many customers unhappy.  The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come would tell Scrooge that large numbers of previously loyal customers will leave the bank for more attractive competitors.  For Scrooge Bank the future is bleak.  When Scrooge asks what he can do to avoid this dreadful scenario he is shown a different vision of the future where his customers are happy and their needs are met in an open plan environment.  Technology is put to best use delivering the best in customer experience and the bank is thriving.

“How can this come about?’ asks Scrooge?”

“I think you’ll need to speak to Glory about that” replies the Ghost!

Now I’d like to say that Scrooge leapt up, opened his office door and celebrated with his staff, but I woke up at that point and missed the dénouement.  I like to think my modern day character would learn from past mistakes and have an enlightened view of the future.  As a reformed Scrooge confirmed in the Dickens original, it’s all about awareness.

“I will live in the past, the present, and the future. The spirits of all three shall strive within me.”

At Glory we help you plan for the future while learning the lessons of the past.

Merry Christmas to you all.  Or as Tiny Tim observed “God bless us.  Every One”

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